COVID-19 Testing & Telemedicine in Los Angeles



NOTE: If your symptoms and conditions worsen, it is advised to not seek at-home or telemedicine care but to seek prompt medical attention in-clinic (locations at MendUrgentCare.com) or at your local medical provider & hospital.

NOTE: Patients must meet current CDC Guidelines and Los Angeles County Department of Public Health criteria to qualify for COVID-19 testing, and must be determined by our clinical providers to be appropriate for testing.

We want to make sure we keep our patients and communities safe. In response to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), our medical team now offers COVID-19 testing services & telemedicine services to the Los Angeles community to minimize exposure to other patients that may be in clinics and emergency departments.

Decrease the spread of the new Coronavirus with home testing & telemedicine services

To stem the spread of COVID-19, it is recommended to stay at home if you’re feeling ill. While at home, allow our Mend medical team to visit in-person and telemedicine to help screen you for the COVID-19 virus.

Powered by Mend, help stem the spread of COVID-19 with telemedicine & at-home testing

In-person specimen collection at the home with virtual visits

A Mend medical team member will visit your home, facilitate a virtual visit with a Mend clinician, and subsequently collect specimen to send for COVID-19 testing.

At-Home COVID-19 Screening + Rapid Flu


Telemedicine Visit (Mend Home Virtual Visit)


*THIS IS A PAYMENT FOR A NON-COVERED SERVICE AND YOU MAY SUBMIT YOUR PROOF OF PAYMENT TO YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY FOR REIMBURSEMENT. Quest Diagnostics will bill you separately for the COVID-19 laboratory testing (and, if requested, the full respiratory panel). Quest Diagnostics will bill your insurance for this laboratory testing. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A PAYMENT FOR A NON-COVERED SERVICE AND YOU MAY SUBMIT YOUR PROOF OF PAYMENT TO YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY FOR REIMBURSEMENT.


Powered by Mend Urgent Care and Mend Medical, Mend Home Clinic is an at-home medical service specializing in home visits and medical screenings.

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